Investments made simple for everyone

Why Blacks Capital

Blacks Capital will bring democracy to the investment world by offering everyone sophisticated wealth management at an extremely low cost, with no account minimums and the same level of service reserved to high net worth individuals.

People, not just software

Our offering will go beyond an automated investment service. Though we do have built an extremely advanced algorithm to efficiently manage your investments, our greatest strength is our people. From day one you will get in touch with a personal advisor who has only one goal: your financial success. She will help you to identify, measure and achieve your ambitions and you will easily be able to communicate via telephone, email or live chat.


We know how hard it was to earn your money, to keep it safe is our top priority. We will use the strongest encryption available, we will separate your asset from ours by keeping your money into a segregated account and we will take extremely seriously the protection of the information you will provide. More on Security.

Investment Approach

Our innovative investment service is made possible by the combination of our deep financial expertise with some of the best technology talents of the market. This unique team of people will enable us to offer a personalized and globally diversified portfolio to anyone, with no minimum amounts required, a tremendous disruption in the financial industry. During the past those kind of services were offered only by private banks to client with assets exceeding €500,000.

Want to join the revolution of financial investments?

What we do

At Blacks Capital we work only for the success of our clients. That is it.


We believe that creativity and complexity are often enemies of the honest investor. By keeping things simple you can always understand how hard we are working for you, even without a Finance degree.


While banks and other investment firms will offer you their proprietary products, we decided to be independent, for your own good. We will be free to work on the investment solution that is truly best for you and your interest will always come first.

Risk Management

Markets can be dangerous without the right partner. We will continuously adapt your investment to your specific needs and we will always account for the unexpected.


Who said that Finance and Ethic are not compatible? With Blacks Capital you can invest and make a positive social impact at the same time. It will be a simple choice, it will come for free and you will be able to support diverse causes like clean energies, environment conservation, female leadership and LGBTQ equality. You will also be able to exclude from your portfolio revenues coming from things like weapons manufacturing, tobacco or alcohol production, gambling and nuclear power.


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Your security is our priority.
You gave us your trust, we will think even to the smallest
detail when protecting your personal information.


We use the strongest encryption available. Your data are stored in servers in a secure facility and we will never share your data to a third party without your permission.


Other asset managers provide only periodic statements to their client. At Black Capital we are committed to full transparency, so you will always be able to know the exact composition and performance of your portfolio.

Segregated account

Blacks Capital will only manage your investments. For your safety your money will be separated from the company assets and held into a segregated account of an independent and solid financial firm.


Blacks Capital ensures that the processing of personal data will be respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity of individuals, with particular reference to privacy and personal identity; also it guarantees the rights of legal persons and any other entity or association.

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